I'm a PhD Candidate and an Elizabeth Arendall Tilney and Schuyler Merritt Tilney Jefferson Fellow at the Univeristy of Virginia.

My dissertation focuses on the relationship between literature :book: and politics :classical_building:. I'm examining a set of writers from Black America, the Caribbean, China, and India who constructed anti-imperial ideas by reinventing artistic and social strategies from a late-Victorian movement called Decadence. This study is being completed under the guidance of Stephen Arata (Chair), Rita Felski, Njelle Hamilton, and Jerome McGann.

My work builds on my primary research interests in Global Anglophone Literature (especially from the Victorian period onwards), Digital Humanities, Poetry (from classical to contemporary), and Postcolonialism. I also have an interest in Writing and Composition Studies, particularly in the areas of digital media and digital writing. :nerd_face: